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VisionManagement philosophy

Future starts with sports

We believe in our future can be much brighter than today for all the people, the entire human race.

It is time to define our society not by our ability to making money but by what we have healthy body and soul. And we can imagine our connection to one another as members of one human race.

ServiceBusiness of Keorgian Mind Inc.

ServiceBusiness of Keorgian Mind Inc.

Keorgian Mind Inc. focuses on consulting for sports event organizers, athletes and event staff managers.

Sports Events Consulting

  • Global sports event planning
  • Market analysis
  • Sourcing for promotional material

Consulting for Athletes

  • Visualize core value for sponsorship
  • Presentation training
  • Documentation support

Event Staff Management

  • Event staff training
  • Training program arrangement
  • Volunteer recruiting

CompanyCompany Profile

Brief introduction from Koichi Tsunashima, CEO

Keorgian Mind Inc. is a consulting company focusing on three major fields including sports event organizing, athlete support and staff management.

In addition to these consulting fields, business coordination among local partners, global event licensing companies and suppliers is also the key business for Keorgian Mind Inc.

photo of Koichi Tsunashima, CEO, Keorgian Mind Inc.

Koichi Tsunashima, CEO
Keorgian Mind Inc.

Company Info.

Company Keorgian Mind Inc.
CEO Koichi Tsunashima
Foundation Oct, 1st, 2020
Adress 5-13-13, Edanishi Aoba Yokohama Kanagawa, Japan zip:225-0014
TEL +81.80.3391.3567